Senior PHP Developer
We require a Senior PHP Developer to join and lead a high caliber team developing a very complex, large, fully scalable world leading e-commerce web site, its associated subsystems and back office/MIS infrastructure. ››› read more
Senior Flash Developer
The ideal candidate will have a high level of experience with Macromedia Flash (up to and including Flash 8) including broad experience with varying design and animation styles. ››› read more

Build, Operate and Transfer

BOT involves taking benefit of the experience of IOG to set up skills for you and help you run and possess this unit. This model is built on the following view:

We recruit personnel based on their experience, skills and most importantly, their ability to learn, and establish knowledge transfer or we train and build around our already existing team. On behalf of the client we set up the facility and infrastructure.

By providing:
- Management layer;
- Operational infrastructure;
- Office space;
- Product support.

Transfer part or full ownership to the client
Register a new offshore secondary for the customer, transfer property, and entrust operations.

How IOG can help?
IOG solicits information concerning the size, complexity, technology and infrastructural requests of the operation. We analyze this information in order to decide the members of the team and the assets. By identifying the physical assets needed in setting up the facility, IOG consulting will supply the needed trained personnel required to initiate the operations. We will support the new born facility till it grows. The cost of this project is reliant to the amount of operations being planned, resource needs, physical infrastructure and the levels of support that need to be supplied by IOG.