Senior PHP Developer
We require a Senior PHP Developer to join and lead a high caliber team developing a very complex, large, fully scalable world leading e-commerce web site, its associated subsystems and back office/MIS infrastructure. ››› read more
Senior Flash Developer
The ideal candidate will have a high level of experience with Macromedia Flash (up to and including Flash 8) including broad experience with varying design and animation styles. ››› read more


If you need a flexible, customizable software product to meet your requirements, or you want to use the latest IT solutions without spending a fortune, IOG is the right place to come!

The Open Source Software development movement is proposed to promote distribution of liberally developed applications using a shared structure working under free distribution license policies. Being available along with source code and limited documentation for people to use, IOG believes that it is beneficial to the customer because “In an Open Source world nobody gets to hold the customer to ransom”.

As a solid votary of this movement, IOG trained and deployed alert research and development teams to sustain this initiative.

Please view the approach we have for customization services.

The need
Most of the organizations are gradually becoming aware of the benefits provided by this movement. For the customers there is an open source application which can meet a majority of their core requirements and can hinder the need of custom software development.

Customization process means providing a visual design and integrating the design into the frame. After the visual aspects are put in place, facet adjustment is undertaken to meet the requirements of the client. We go further in recreating a similar match for each unique requirement in terms of feature enhancements and modification. The next step is to clean up the application without compromising its functionality. Our team completes the process by testing the customized application and make sure that it provides optimal performance.

Customization services require carefulness and a meticulous approach and effort along with proven expertise. The experience we have in this domain is a confirmed value-add to the customers in terms of enabling them to set up and promote the application faster.

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