Senior PHP Developer
We require a Senior PHP Developer to join and lead a high caliber team developing a very complex, large, fully scalable world leading e-commerce web site, its associated subsystems and back office/MIS infrastructure. ››› read more
Senior Flash Developer
The ideal candidate will have a high level of experience with Macromedia Flash (up to and including Flash 8) including broad experience with varying design and animation styles. ››› read more

Offshore Consulting

Offshore Consulting is intended to identify and allocate the offshore resources needed by the client on mutual agreement.

This is appropriate for software consulting or IT departments of large business companies that want to have an offshore development team or need resources on a short-term or long term basis.

IOG identifies and screen the specific resources the client asks for. Once they are identified, they are provided along with the necessary details to the client for further screening. Adopting a fixed price or a time and material model, the client engages the selected resources. IOG will play an active part in providing the needed infrastructure and support for flourishing completion of any given venture or need. The entire process is based on an interactive relationship with the client.

This model is entirely suitable for organizations that already have the needed project management resources and skills and would like to obtain the benefits of offshore software development. The main advantage with this model is that a complete team of skilled resources are available along with the needed infrastructure without the transparency of in-house resources and management. Apart from adding cost cutback, this model also provides the benefit of using the time difference globally to your advantage.

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