Senior PHP Developer
We require a Senior PHP Developer to join and lead a high caliber team developing a very complex, large, fully scalable world leading e-commerce web site, its associated subsystems and back office/MIS infrastructure. ››› read more
Senior Flash Developer
The ideal candidate will have a high level of experience with Macromedia Flash (up to and including Flash 8) including broad experience with varying design and animation styles. ››› read more

Joint Venture

As a concept, Joint Venture Relationship is intended to cumulate force of the partners involved to give birth to a new organization that provides the gathered strength of the ones concerned. Through these relationships the organizations achieve deeper and wider perception in present realms of procedure.

Joint ventures are intended to meet the expectations of customers and the markets, especially in the software field where technology is rapidly arising. It becomes highly impossible for all organizations to shape themselves and to adapt in order to keep pace with the dynamic of the market.

We believe in development through sharing force. IOG struggles to develop relationships that open new vistas of markets. Our company is eager to share and deliver value to all our existing and potential partners.